Terrorist Financing Analysis: An eLearning Course

Terrorist financing can be challenging to detect & disrupt. Terrorists use a wide variety of methods to raise funds; procure weapons and goods; and conduct both seemingly simple and complicated operations. Understanding terrorist financing is complex, and is compounded by a lack of comprehensive resources available to help practitioners. Analysis of terrorist financing has long been considered a niche area, with only a few scholars and practitioners willing to undertake work in the field. However, learning more about the subject is important because money is fundamental to terrorism, enabling an organization’s sustenance and operations.

This course is designed to help you understand terrorist financing in an informative and engaging way. The lessons help learners identify, analyze, and describe terrorist financing methods and mechanisms. The provided content can be combined with other forms of research or analysis (for example, group or country-based research), or can be used alone for finance-specific analysis to help enhance and advance the work of practitioners. Students who successfully complete this course will gain a solid understanding of terrorist financing and will be able to analyze and report on financing methods and mechanisms.

With this training, you will delve into case studies of terrorist financing, ranging from how groups and organizations finance their activities to how specific attacks have been financed. This will allow you to operationalize your learning, and immediately improve your ability to detect and disrupt terrorist financing activities. 

Included in this course is a free year's subscription to the Insight Monitor newsletter and access to an analytic tool and tutorial to operationalize your learning. You'll also receive lifetime access to our ever-growing library of terrorist financing cases. This includes case studies on groups and individual attacks!


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Who is this course for?

  • Compliance Professionals

    If you work in a bank, fintech, money service business or other type of financial institution, you’ll benefit from the comprehensive knowledge of terrorist financing you'll get from this course. The lessons include up to date case studies on how terrorists and extremists have exploited different types of financial services.

  • Law Enforcement and Security Service Professionals

    If you’re working to detect and disrupt terrorism and other security threats, you’ll benefit from the course because the unique combination of information and analysis will help you understand terrorist financing and how that knowledge can be leveraged as another tool in your investigative toolbox.

  • Researchers / Academics

    Taking the course will give you access to curated, comprehensive, and reliable information that provides important foundational context to research on terrorist financing. The analytical frameworks, case studies, and access to additional resources are valuable tools for studying terrorist financing. They will help you continue contributing to the scholarly landscape in this domain.

  • National / International Policy Professionals:

    Do you set national anti-money laundering / counter-terrorist financing policies? Do you work on international norms relating to illicit financing, or perhaps terrorism issues? This course provides you with the information you need to effectively analyze these topics and make evidence-based policies.

Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction

  2. Frameworks

  3. Raising Funds

  4. Using Funds

  5. Moving Funds

  6. Storing Funds

About this course

  • $749.00
  • 7-10 Hours
  • Access to a case study library, an analytic tool, and an analysis tutorial
  • Access to a one-year subscription to the Insight Monitor newsletter

Your Instructor

Jessica Davis


Jessica Davis is an international expert on terrorism and illicit financing, President and Principal Consultant with Insight Threat Intelligence, and President of the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies. She is an award-winning researcher who works to bring evidence-based solutions to the private and public sectors to counter illicit financing and terrorism. Prior to launching Insight Threat Intelligence, Jessica worked for the government of Canada in various roles in the Canadian Armed Forces, Global Affairs Canada, FINTRAC, and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. She is the author of Illicit Money: Financing Terrorism in the 21st Century (2021) and has published extensively in the Globe and Mail, Just Security, Lawfare, and in academic journals. Jessica is an associate fellow with the Royal United Services Institute’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, a senior visiting fellow with the Soufan Center, a senior associate with the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), and is a PhD candidate at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University. In 2023, she won the prestigious SSHRC Impact Talent award for her research on counter-terrorist financing policies and practices. She writes at newsletter.insightthreatintel.com.

Course Testimonials

“This is one of the best courses I have attended so far. The approach used in the course to understand terrorist financing cases makes the analysis process more structured and streamlined.”

Yasser Abdelaziz - Qatar Financial Information Unit, Strategic Analysis Section

“If you want to deepen your understanding of terrorist financing then I can highly recommend the eLearning course presented by Insight Threat Intelligence on Terrorist Financing Analysis. It's a deep dive into case studies of terrorist financing, ranging from how groups and organizations finance their activities to how specific attacks have been financed. It's an excellent way to continue my development in the world of financial crime and I highly recommend it to my banking colleagues.”

Nadine Stanford-de Gelder, Rabobank

“Insight Threat Intelligence's Terrorist Financing course provided me with in-depth knowledge on the multifaceted techniques used by insurgents to deal with money. In particular, the case studies used were interesting, informative, and thought provoking for research topic ideas. Even as someone with little knowledge on financing or terrorist strategies, I found the course material easy to grasp and inviting of new ways to think about the topic”

MA Candidate - Intelligence and International Affairs

“The Terrorist Financing Course provides a comprehensive overview of the complex and multi-faceted risk landscape of terrorist financing in the 21st Century. Davis clearly defines the numerous methods employed by terrorist organizations used to raise, move, store, obscure, and ultimately use funds to further terrorist activities. The course includes a multitude of real-life scenarios that strengthens the reader’s understanding and knowledge of both terrorist organizations and their terrorist financing activities. ”

Jessica Gilligan, Criminal Intelligence Analyst (Royal Canadian Mounted Police – RCMP)

“I had the exciting opportunity to take this course early and I have to say that it's one of the most interesting courses available on the ins and outs of terrorism financing you can find anywhere. Jessica draws on her years of experience to give you several key insights on how terrorists use, store, move, and obscure their money while also providing several real-world examples that are helpful to understand how the theory is put into practice. The course also comes with a free subscription to Insight's Substack and Jessica's book on terror financing which are must haves for academics and industry professionals to get caught up on the latest terror financing news. Seriously, if you want to go to work next week and impress your co-workers and bosses with some very useful knowledge, this course is a must-take!”

Lucas Tersigni, Senior Analyst

“I recently completed the Terrorist Financing Analysis: An eLearning Course offered by Insight Threat Intelligence. The course offers a comprehensive breakdown of terrorism financing through various case studies and sets the foundation for a robust terrorism financing analysis. It also serves as excellent additional learning material to Jessica Davis’s book Illicit Money: Financing Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century. Thank you Jessica Davis for this learning opportunity, and I look forward to learning more about terrorism financing from Insight Threat Intelligence.”

Sara Kulić, Junior Lecturer Bachelor Security Studies, Leiden University | Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs - Institute of Security and Global Affairs

“A very insightful course for any counter-terrorism practitioner, new or seasoned. The content was easily accessible, digestible and the case studies were especially helpful.”

Senior Analyst, Public Safety Canada

“The Terrorist Financing Analysis eLearning Course does a great job of providing individuals with a well-rounded understanding of the terrorist financing environment and is a good onboarding learning tool for relevant public service members who are working in the anti-terrorist financing field for the first time. There is a nice balance of learning methods with videos, interactive quiz questions and texts that makes the training quite engaging.”

Darian, Senior Analyst - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

“This class was a practical and realistic look at terrorist financing and the financial framework was well-crafted. Regardless of whether you're an experienced financial crime investigator or new to the field, you will learn from this class.”

Criminal Investigator

Everything You Need to Know About Terrorist Financing

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